What is #OromoProtests?

About Us

#OromoProtests is a non-violent grassroots movement that spans the globe, started in 2014-2018 by the Oromo youth in an effort to end systemic violence towards Oromo people and to build a better model for marginalized communities of Ethiopia to effect positive change.

Current events have once again galvanized the community to organize for the same demands as before. The constitutional term of the government ended on 10/5/2020, putting the federation in a constitutional crisis. The Abiy government has become exceedingly brutal.

The Oromo youth are once more demanding an end to the authoritarian government of Ethiopia. The Abiy transitional government has backtracked on the policies of political freedoms that were won and instead murdered 7k and 50,000 Oromo political prisoners according to human rights observers. Freeing all political prisoners is the bedrock of any democracy, PM Abiy recently imprisoned the largest opposition parties against his Prosperity Party across the political spectrum in Ethiopia’s many federal nations. We see continued risk to Oromo human rights activists and singers as they are becoming increasingly the targets of right-wing terror movements encouraged by the administration’s active use of dog-whistle racism towards marginalized communities.

To add to the general lack of security in Oromia and all states of the federation, the assassination of the most prolific Oromo human rights activist and singer, Haacaaluu Hundeessaa by agents of Ethiopia’s federal security forces, has shown the animosity built towards marginalized communities in Ethiopia. By combating and countering acts of systemic violence, creating spaces for Oromo imagination and innovation, and centering Oromo joy, we are winning immediate improvements in our lives and spaces for our diverse communities to live as dignified humans in the regions’ and nations’ democratic future.