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Letter to U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken

CLICK TO DOWNLOAD THE LETTER:Feb 24 Letter to Secretary of State Blinken Re: Oromo Prisoners of Conscience on Hunger StrikeDownload CLICK TO TWEET THE LETTER: February...

#StarvingForJustice #FAC #OromoProtests

TWITTER CAMPAIGN: February 21, 2021 starting at:12pm EST / 5pm GMT /  8pm East Africa / 2:00 local time Oromia/ETH Friends of #OromoProtests, please commit...

Venable LLP Is Lobbying for War Monger Abiy Ahmed: #ShameOnVenable #DropEthiopiaNow

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Donate to the Oromo Political Prisoners Medical Fund CLICK TO DONATE Purpose of the fundraiser: "Unfortunately, the health condition of our leaders is expected to...

Contact Your

Resources for USA (can also adapt these resources for other countries) Call Your Congresspersons These tools were created to help contact Congresspersons for those based in...

Political Prisoner Crisis in Oromia

These graphics briefly summarize the current situation with regard to the political prisoner crisis in Oromia. Fore more information on #OromoYellowMovement, please visit oromoprotests.org/oromo-yellow-movement


Here are a few of our favorite resources to supplement the content we have available on our website. Click the images to be directed...

Oromo political prisoners are #StarvingForJustice – FREE THEM ALL!

This brief graphics video summarizes the #OromoYellowMovement and the #StarvingForJustice hunger strike. Once you're done watching this, go to our Oromo Yellow Movement post...

The Proclamation

Watch this captivating and inspiring video. This poem, titled "The Proclamation," beautifully captures the current sentiment of the Oromo struggle and #OromoProtests. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yqJYXyXXuOI&t=1s