CAMPAIGN RE: THE WAR ON OROMIA #OromoProtests #CrisisInEthiopia

Join us for a Twitter campaign starting TODAY, Saturday Dec 5th 2020 at 12pm EST / 5pm GMT / 8pm East African time (2:00 local time in Oromia/Ethiopia)

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The war in Ethiopia did not start in November, and it is not over. Abiy has been waging war in Oromia for many months, and the war is ongoing in both Oromia and Tigray! #OromoProtests #CrisisInEthiopia

Abiy Ahmed had squandered his opportunity to resolve conflict in Ethiopia. Instead, he has waged civil war on multiple fronts and is actively destabilizing the region. #AbiyMustGo #OromoProtests #CrisisInEthiopia

Ethiopia has over 1 million internally displaced persons, and thousands of refugees fleeing the country each day. Abiy has created a disastrous #CrisisInEthiopia and the whole region. #IDPs #OromoProtests

Is it a coincidence that opposition forces, in parts of Oromia facing telecommunications shutdown + military occupation, are accused of orchestrated massacres, while the govt refuses independent investigations? #OromoProtests #CrisisInEthiopia

Dialogue with all stakeholders is needed to address #CrisisInEthiopia, but such a dialogue must be INCLUSIVE, especially of Oromo voices & issues. Remember that #OromoProtests has been warning of pitfalls of @AbiyAhmedAli for many months.

Observers of #CrisisInEthiopia must recognize that @AbiyAhmedAli’s war started with Oromia before extending to other nations & nationalities—armed or not. #OromoProtests

It is naive to think that Ethiopia’s crisis in the north is occurring in a vacuum. Ethiopia has been in crisis on multiple fronts for over 18 months. This context is critical. #OromoProtests #CrisisInEthiopia

Refugees exodus in thousands every day from Tigray region into Sudan. Protests all over Oromia continue. Complete economic blockade. #OromoProtests #CrisisInEthiopia

Ethiopia’s transition to a war zone poses a serious security threat to the Horn of Africa and the world. The war started against Oromia and continues against Oromia, Tigray, and the South. #OromoProtests #CrisisInEthiopia

De-escalate the war. Release political prisoners. End the military occupations. End the telecommunications shutdowns. Inclusive dialogue with all stakeholders. #OromoProtests #CrisisInEthiopia

In the last few months, state forces massacred hundreds of innocent Oromo civilians and imprisoned thousands. Next, war extended to Tigray. There is no state-building through terror! #OromoProtests #CrisisInEthiopia

Communications have been repeatedly disrupted in Western Oromia. Combined w/ military occupations, arrests of journalists, & propaganda via state media, this has led to a disinformation disaster. Telecommunications must be restored! #ReconnectTheWestETH #OromoProtests

“Security” forces continue murdering Oromo civilians as a tactic for quelling dissent. But #OromoProtests continue! If Oromo voices are dismissed at this time, there will never be a viable or enduring solution to the #CrisisInEthiopia

Abiy’s undeclared war on Oromia has left thousands of innocent civilians dead, tens of thousands wrongly imprisoned, dissent silenced, and leaders & journalists tortured. #OromoProtests #CrisisInEthiopia

The war on Oromia may look different from the war on Tigray, but the end goal is the same: to eliminate all opposition standing in the way of Abiy’s narrow & dangerous vision for Ethiopia. #OromoProtests #CrisisInEthiopia

What kind of government kills innocent civilians and discards their bodies? What @AbiyAhmedAli’s forces are doing in Oromia is nothing short of war crimes. #OromoProtests

Abiy Ahmed’s “democratic reforms” are no longer redeemable. Not only has he failed to resolve conflict—if he continues unabated, he is on track to destabilize the entire HoA region. #OromoProtests #CrisisInEthiopia

After 4 months of unlawful detention w/o charges, leaders @LammiBegna & @DawitAbdeta were released on Nov 14, then abducted again by govt “security” forces on Nov 23. #OromoProtests #CrisisInEthiopia

Ethiopian “security” forces have increased brutality and extrajudicial killings in #Oromia in the shadows of the war in Tigray. #OromoProtests #CrisisInEthiopia

“The war on Tigray has eclipsed a dragging civil war in the Oromia regional state,” writes Workineh Teshome. #OromoProtests #CrisisInEthiopia

Alleged violence against minorities in Oromia—amidst govt propaganda, communications shutdowns, & attacks on journalists—has been used to scapegoat opposition. #OromoProtests demands INDEPENDENT investigations into the violence. #CrisisInEthiopia

Based on data compiled from independent rights groups, low estimates indicate that there a staggering 50,000+ political prisoners in Oromia. #CrisisInEthiopia #OromoProtests #FreeAllPoliticalPrisoners

Abiy Ahmed is at war against Oromia and the Oromo people. Under his rule (less than 2 yrs), ‘security’ forces have killed 7000+ Oromo civilians. #OromoProtests #CrisisInEthiopia

Since June 29, 2020, over 1000 Oromo civilians have been killed by government forces. 750 of these deaths were in the first WEEK of that time period. #OromoProtests #CrisisInEthiopia

ETH govt routinely denies detainees their constitutional right to medical care. Prisoner of conscience Bekele Gerba has been repeatedly denied treatment for his severe condition. The fate of thousands of imprisoned ordinary civilians is dire. #OromoProtests #CrisisInEthiopia

Abiy has declared victory over Mekelle and claims its people have been “liberated.” The reality on the ground is that residents of Mekelle have blocked off roads in resistance of the military occupation. #AbiyMustGo #CrisisInEthiopia #OromoProtests

Galaanaa, a young man from Ambo, Oromia, is one of 1000+ Oromos killed by Abiy’s forces in recent months. Special police murdered him just 2 days after he communicated about the deteriorating situation in his area. #OromoProtests #CrisisInEthiopia

#OromoProtests categorically condemns @AbiyAhmedAli’s political war. Political challenges should be addressed via all-inclusive dialogue, not drones. #CrisisInEthiopia #SayNoToWar

Anyone who seeks to understand the #CrisisInEthiopia needs to examine #OromoProtests and Abiy’s longstanding war on #Oromia.

Political prisoners, including opposition leaders, journalists, and civilians, must be released unconditionally to allow for an inclusive national dialogue. #OromoProtests #CrisisInEthiopia

#OromoProtests demands independent investigations into the state violence and massacres that have occurred in Oromia & throughout Ethiopia since June 2020! #CrisisInEthiopia

Abiy Ahmed is anti-peace. His brief, now-unconstitutional rule is already leading Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa on a path of severe instability. #CrisisInEthiopia #OromoProtests

Extrajudicial killings are occurring on a daily basis in Oromia. In 48 hrs (Nov 20-21), there were 8 documented state murders of civilians. #OromoProtests #CrisisInEthiopia

Dozens of Oromo civilians killed by govt forces in just 1 week in November. On one day, 4 documented extrajudicial killings. No end in sight under @AbiyAhmedAli. #OromoProtests #CrisisInEthiopia

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