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    We Can’t Breathe! by Daballee Studios #OromoProtests

    Amazing work of art by Daballee Studios, definitely needs more followers on Youtube.

    ToolKit for #OromoProtests Reloaded : Join and Participate in The Movement

    Below you will the pdf and the information you will need to get started. With style guides and color palettes for making flyers. If you want to participate we are accepting more...

    Bring Them Home Campaign : Free #MishaChiri #RedwanAman #YusufBeshir #OromoProtests

    Share this on every one of your social media! Join us and sign the following petitions please.

    OMN: An ‘Alien’ Star in Ethiopia’s Skewed Media Universe is ‘Cancelled’ by Girma Gutema #OromoProtests

    READ ORIGINAL POST ON ETHIOPIA INSIGHT Oromia Media Network was a rare non-Amharic voice in Ethiopia’s media landscape. That is why its bureau was shutdown. Oromia...

    In Ethiopia, a Musician’s Death and a Transition in Trouble – Zecharias Zelalem #OromoProtests #AbiyMustGo

    ‘We are dealing with a mammoth challenge.’ -Zecharias Zelalem ADDIS ABABA Ethiopia’s transition to multiparty democracy is facing one of its most serious...

    The Agenda Behind Misframing #OromoProtests

    Watch as our panel discusses the how right wing movements in Ethiopia are trying to misframe the Oromo protests.

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    #300Lives3Months #ProblemIsTyrannyNotEthnicity – TWITTER CAMPAIGN

    Join activists in Oromia & other nations/nationalities of Ethiopia in a huge, 24-hour Twitter campaign starting *TODAY* October 21 at 4:00 local...

    #NobelPeaceLies – October 9th Twitter Campaign

    9 October 2020 - Join the Norwegian and Swedish Oromo communities in their Twitter campaign #NobelPeaceLies, starting at 5am DC, 11am Oslo/Stockholm,...

    Ethiopia Effectively Without a Constitutionally Mandated Government as of October 5, 2020

    PRESS RELEASE: As of today, October 5, 2020, at 12:00 AM Eastern Africa Time, Ethiopia is effectively without a constitutionally mandated government....

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