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    #OromoProtests: About + Mission + Vision + Goals

    About Us #OromoProtests is a non violent grassroots movement that spans the globe, started in 2014-2018 by the Oromo youth in an effort to end systemic violence towards Oromo...

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    Statement on Ongoing War in Ethiopia

    Please see below the #OromoProtests statement on ongoing war in Ethiopia. Please click on the image below to tweet the statement. You...

    Twitter Campaign: #NationalDialogueNow #CrisisInEthiopia

    Join us on Friday 20th November for in a 24-hour global Twitter campaign demanding #NationalDialogueNow to address the #CrisisInEthiopia! The campaign starts...

    #300Lives3Months #ProblemIsTyrannyNotEthnicity – TWITTER CAMPAIGN

    Join activists in Oromia & other nations/nationalities of Ethiopia in a huge, 24-hour Twitter campaign starting *TODAY* October 21 at 4:00 local...

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