The Truth About Daniel Bekele #PoliceBrutality #AbiyMustGo #HumanRights #OromoProtests #FreePoliticalPrisoners @HRW @Amnesty

    A government apologist cannot authentically defend human rights. Join us in condemning Daniel Bekele statements defaming unarmed protesters that are demanding: PM Abiy Ahmed step down, release of all political prisoners, and...

    We Can’t Breathe! by Daballee Studios #OromoProtests

    Amazing work of art by Daballee Studios, definitely needs more followers on Youtube.

    The Agenda Behind Misframing #OromoProtests

    Watch as our panel discusses the how right wing movements in Ethiopia are trying to misframe the Oromo protests.

    Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed is Anti-Peace #OromoProtests #AbiyMustGo

    Share on your social media please.

    You Have the Power to Amplify the Voices of Over 40 Million People #OromoProtests

    Join us on the campaign to raise the voices of human rights activists in the Oromo community. #OromoProtests

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