JUNE 21 – #ShamEthiopianElection

Today, 21 June 2021, Abiy Ahmed & his administration are holding an sham “election.” Let’s make sure the international community knows the results will NOT be legitimate.

We know today's "elections" in #Ethiopia will be a total sham. Let's make sure the rest of the world knows, too! Join @oromoprotestsHQ's all-day Twitter campaign starting NOW. Tweets: oromoprotests.org/june21 #ShamEthiopianElection #OromoProtests pic.twitter.com/lNcDLKC8JP Click To Tweet State-sponsored genocide, war crimes & famine plague the Ethiopian Empire. Civilians continue to be tortured, displaced, raped & murdered on a daily basis. This is no environment in which free & fair elections are possible. #ShamEthiopianElection #OromoProtests Click To Tweet Mr. @AbiyAhmedAli was supposed to be a temporary appointment. He is unelected. Today, he will be hosting a sham election to continue his violent, unconstitutional & authoritarian rule. #ShamEthiopianElection #OromoProtests @SecBlinken @UNPeacekeeping @EU_Commission Click To Tweet We don't have to wait for the results of "Election" Day to know that today is a #ShamEthiopianElection. It's the events that precede an Election Day that indicate whether it will be free & fair. The elimination of Oromo opposition parties says enough. #OromoProtests Click To Tweet Did you know that there are over 50,000 Oromo political prisoners in #Oromia, ETH? Oromo opposition parties have been silenced & civilians are being intimidated into voting for PP. Abiy Ahmed & PP are making a mockery of democracy. #ShamEthiopianElection #OromoProtests Click To Tweet Residents of W Guji, #Oromia told @BBC local authorities are collecting voting cards before #ShamEthiopianElection. Authorities told them the ruling party already won, so no need to vote. Some were told the authorities will vote on their behalf. pic.twitter.com/3RxideZbR4 Click To Tweet As you read this, #Ethiopia is holding a so-called "election" amidst ongoing, widespread war, & CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, while all Oromo opposition leaders are unlawfully languishing behind bars. #ShamEthiopianElection #OromoProtests @SecBlinken @EU_Commission @BBC @UN Click To Tweet Reports abound about voter intimidation to vote for PP. Meanwhile, the popular OLF and OFC parties are effectively shut out and various regions such as Tigray will not hold elections. This is not democracy. Shame on @NEBEthiopia! #ShamEthiopianElection #OromoProtests Click To Tweet With virtually ALL prominent Oromo opposition leaders unlawfully detained, today will be a #ShamEthiopianElection — there is no doubt about that. #OromoProtests @SecBlinken @EU_Commission @EUinEthiopia @USEmbassyAddis @bbcworld @CBCNews @StateDept @UNPeacekeeping Click To Tweet Abiy Ahmed's admin deferred elections under false pretenses & subsequently conducted extrajudicial killings, closed party offices, & unlawfully imprisoned Oromo opposition leaders, journalists, & civilians numbering over 50K. #ShamEthiopianElection #OromoProtests Click To Tweet In just 3 yrs, @AbiyAhmedAli lost all credibility in the international eye, w/ the incarceration of thousands of Oromos, genocidal wars in #Oromia & #Tigray, & invitation to foreign Eritrean troops to invade. A #ShamEthiopianElection changes nothing. #OromoProtests Click To Tweet Call it what it is: the 2021 Ethiopian "election" is a total sham. We urge @EU_Commission, @SecBlinken, @UNPeacekeeping to amplify this message and call this #ShamEthiopianElection out! #OromoProtests @BBCWorld @CBCNews @ReutersAfrica @TheEconomist @AJStream Click To Tweet Ethiopia is unable to carry out “free & fair elections” as they continuously silence the voices of #Oromo/s and other oppressed nations/nationalities. The international community must recognize this #ShamEthiopianElection for what it is. #OromoProtests @SecBlinken Click To Tweet Mr @AbiyAhmedAli uses murder, mass executions, & other violence as key tools of his regime, yet claims to be conducting “free & fair” elections across Ethiopia. This is a SHAM! #ShamEthiopianElection #OromoProtests @EU_Commission @SecBlinken @UNPeacekeeping @CBCNews @bbc Click To Tweet No credible elections can be held in #Ethiopia while civilians continue to be politically imprisoned, tortured, terrorized, raped, & murdered. Shame on @AbiyAhmedAli & @NEBEthiopia! #ShamEthiopianElection #OromoProtests @SecBlinken @EU_Commission Click To Tweet Fraudulent elections in #Ethiopia won't bring peace, security, or stability. Rather, they'll sustain & exacerbate the status quo of violent authoritarianism, ongoing war, chaos, displacement, & famine. #ShamEthiopianElection #OromoProtests @SecBlinken @EU_Commission Click To Tweet The @EU_Commission canceled its plans to observe Ethiopia’s so-called election because “conditions had not been met on communication systems and the mission's independence.” #ShamEthiopianElection #OromoProtests @SecBlinken @StateDept @BBCAfrica Click To Tweet Everything about this “election” is a sham–from the context of ongoing war & humanitarian crises, to the polling stations themselves. Even @NEBEthiopia, who has been doing PR for the #ShamEthiopianElection, admits as much. #OromoProtests Click To Tweet Per @TheEconomist, "the overall result [of the election] is not in doubt. For Abiy, who has said his mother prophesied that he would one day be king, it is less an election than a coronation." #ShamEthiopianElection #OromoProtests Click To Tweet “…voter registration is patchy, and opposition parties plan to boycott the ballot.” You have to ask yourself WHY this is the case. These are merely symptoms of the #ShamEthiopianElection, not the reason they are a sham! #OromoProtests Click To Tweet Complaints were lodged in #Somali region during the voter registration process. Yet another symptom of the #ShamEthiopianElection! #OromoProtests @EU_Commission @SecBlinken @StateDept @BBCAfrica @AJStream @CBCNews @AP_Africa Click To Tweet The #Afar People’s Party expresses concern about voter registration tactics. This is another symptom of the #ShamEthiopianElection! #OromoProtests @EU_Commission @SecBlinken @StateDept @BBCAfrica @AJStream @CBCNews @AP_Africa Click To Tweet There will be no election in #Metekel in #BenishangulGumuz, places where there are IDPs, or other areas where voter registration hasn’t begun. In these regions, elections will occur “after.” #ShamEthiopianElection #OromoProtests Click To Tweet Regime supporters have been saying that on 21 June, “Ethiopia decides.” Well, w/ elections not even being held in many regions of the country, one must ask which population of #Ethiopia the regime considers worthy decision-makers. #ShamEthiopianElection #OromoProtests Click To Tweet An election or a coronation? Ethiopia’s election is happening merely to deceive the world & act as a smokescreen for @AbiyAhmedAli who said he'd "rather die" than hand over power peacefully for the next 10 years. #ShamEthiopianElection #OromoProtests @EU_Commission Click To Tweet POV #Ethiopia: Opposition leaders unlawfully imprisoned, many areas de facto excluded from voting, & ongoing humanitarian crisis crippling civilians. @AbiyAhmedAli says he’s holding a free & fair election today but it’s simply a #ShamEthiopianElection! #OromoProtests Click To Tweet 12 months ago, #HaacaaluuHundeessaa was assassinated. By the next day, Oromo opposition leaders were unlawfully detained & have continued to languish behind bars, w/ their party offices closed & their constituencies silenced. #ShamEthiopianElection #OromoProtests Click To Tweet Ethiopia is "still quashing dissent using a revised anti-terrorism law." Yet in this environment, @AbiyAhmedAli claims that 🇪🇹 will hold its first ever free & fair elections? That is a twisted joke. #ShamEthiopianElection #OromoProtests Click To Tweet #Ethiopia’s @AbiyAhmedAli is making a complete mockery of democracy. Today’s #ShamEthiopianElection is a disgrace, and the international community must not acknowledge the results as legitimate. @EU_Commission @SecBlinken @UNPeacekeeping @StateDept Click To Tweet Just 10 days before the #ShamEthiopianElection, @StateDeptSpox announced that “The United States is gravely concerned about the environment under which these upcoming elections are to be held.” #OromoProtests @AJStream @BBCWorld @CBCNews Click To Tweet Article 29 of #Ethiopia's constitution states everyone has the right to hold opinions without interference and with freedom of expression. @AbiyAhmedAli has violently created the exact OPPOSITE environment ahead of today's #ShamEthiopianElection. #OromoProtests Click To Tweet There's no way today’s "elections" can be called “free & fair” while @AbiyAhmedAli has unlawfully imprisoned countless #Oromo politicians & journalists. This #ShamEthiopianElection is designed secure Abiy's childhood dream of being an Ethiopian "king." #OromoProtests Click To Tweet There are so many reasons that today’s “election” is a total sham. #ShamEthiopianElection #OromoProtests @SecBlinken @EU_Commission @UNPeacekeeping @statedept @bbcworld @ajstream @AP_Africa @CBCNews pic.twitter.com/LY8EC6qCuG Click To Tweet According to @AbiyAhmedAli, #Ethiopia is going "to the polls to exercise democratic rights," yet he shut down opposition party offices & imprisoned their leaders. Who are you fooling? We urge @EU_Commission, @UNPeacekeeping to call this #ShamEthiopianElection out. Click To Tweet Elections “delayed” in over 20% of constituencies? This is only one of many symptoms of the fundamentally fraudulent “elections” happening today in Ethiopia. #ShamEthiopianElection #OromoProtests @EU_Commission @SecBlinken Click To Tweet In April, @StateDeptSpox noted that @SecBlinken called @AbiyAhmedAli to reiterate grave concerns about #CrisisInEthiopia. Since then, the situation has worsened…yet today, Abiy claims to hold "free & fair" elections?! #ShamEthiopianElection Click To Tweet

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