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Oromo political prisoners are #StarvingForJustice – FREE THEM ALL!

This brief graphics video summarizes the #OromoYellowMovement and the #StarvingForJustice hunger strike. Once you're done watching this, go to our Oromo Yellow Movement post...

The Proclamation

Watch this captivating and inspiring video. This poem, titled "The Proclamation," beautifully captures the current sentiment of the Oromo struggle and #OromoProtests. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yqJYXyXXuOI&t=1s

The Truth About Daniel Bekele #PoliceBrutality #AbiyMustGo #HumanRights #OromoProtests #FreePoliticalPrisoners @HRW @Amnesty

A government apologist cannot authentically defend human rights. Join us in condemning Daniel Bekele statements defaming unarmed protesters that are demanding: PM Abiy Ahmed...

We Can’t Breathe! by Daballee Studios #OromoProtests

Amazing work of art by Daballee Studios, definitely needs more followers on Youtube.

The Agenda Behind Misframing #OromoProtests

Watch as our panel discusses the how right wing movements in Ethiopia are trying to misframe the Oromo protests. https://youtu.be/bQILbfSvG-w?t=233

Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed is Anti-Peace #OromoProtests #AbiyMustGo

Share on your social media please. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=48-FgZpeOSs

You Have the Power to Amplify the Voices of Over 40 Million People #OromoProtests

Join us on the campaign to raise the voices of human rights activists in the Oromo community. #OromoProtests