#OromoProtests : Succeeding in Bringing PM Abiy Government Under Scrutiny For Human Rights Abuses @HRW @AMNESTY

PM Abiy’s government is now responsible for over 10K political prisoners including almost all leading political opposition leaders across the political spectrum. His efforts to raise racial tensions with his current political project to restructure the constitution before attempting to provide the first free and fair elections for Ethiopia shows that he is an incapable ally in the democratic evolution of Ethiopia. Whether the violence is against Oromo, Sidama, or Welayta communities, it shows his hostility towards marginalized communities seeking representation despite the very fact being inshrined in the constitution of Ethiopia. We are sad to know Abiy military forces killed 10 Welayta, and it shames our community. This is a man seeking the glory of being the ‘7th king of Ethiopia’ in his own words, not an elected leader. We hope our Sidama and Welayta brothers know that actions of PM Abiy do not represent us since he has exacted the same violence towards our community, in a single month and the month of August is yet to finished. Our advocacy against racially motivated attacks has also landed on the desk of the American representatives, we hope our international partners take the time to explore how much of this was incitement from a body of the Ethiopian government itself. The only person and political party benefiting from interethnic violence is PM Abiy’s, as he seeks to use that as justification and pretext to remain in power past his constitutional mandate.


  1. The Oromo people need justice and freedom. Stop killing us.
    The Ethiopian government is a dictator and Abiyi Ahmed must leave the power
    Free all Oromo political prisoners
    Justice for Hacaaluu Hundeessaa


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