Here are a few of our favorite resources to supplement the content we have available on our website. Click the images to be directed to the respective websites.

Oromo Political Prisoners Defence Team

The Oromo Political Prisoners Defence Team provides frequent (often daily) updates on the status of Oromo political prisoners including their court cases and other pertinent information, such as changes to their status (health or otherwise) and other urgent developments. You can also find them on Twitter – CLICK HERE.

Oromia Support Group (OSG)

The Oromia Support Group (OSG) is an organization that promotes human rights, conducts extensive field research, and has published detailed reports on human rights abuses in Ethiopia. To view an archive (from 1994-2021) of all of their reports on human rights abuses, CLICK HERE.

Ethiopian Human Rights Coalition

The Ethiopian Human Rights Coalition documents human rights abuses including images (warning: can be graphic) and other updates. To find them on twitter, CLICK HERE.

OLLAA (Oromo Legacy, Leadership, and Advocacy Association)

OLLAA is an advocacy organization that has an amplitude of resources available. To access their collection of hunger strike resources, CLICK HERE.

Oromo Advocacy Alliance (OAA)

Visit the Oromo Advocacy Alliance’s website to equip yourself with user-friendly tools to become an advocate; CLICK HERE.

Awash Post

Visit the website of Awash Post, an independent media entity, for written analyses/articles about ongoings in Ethiopia; CLICK HERE.

Team Free Oromia/The Free Oromia Podcast

Check out Free Oromia’s website and the Free Oromia podcast for weekly discussions about freedom for Oromia; CLICK HERE.


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