CAMPAIGN: #StarvingForJustice – February 13, 2021

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Oromo political prisoners have been on a hunger strike for 17 consecutive days now. They're critically ill. If anything happens to them, the blame is on Abiy Ahmed’s regime. #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtests @michelekelemen @KarenAttiah @femioke @SecBlinken @LaetitiaBader @hrw Click To Tweet Demands to END hunger strike: (1) Release Oromo political prisoners. (2) Let Oromo political party offices open & function. (3) Let Oromo political parties participate in the election. (4) End mistreatment of family visiting the detained. #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtests Click To Tweet Free Oromo political prisoners! They're languishing in prison because of Abiy Ahmed's greed for power. Now they're risking their lives to stand for justice. #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtests @SecBlinken @LaetitiaBader @michelawrong @KarenAttiah Click To Tweet We call for immediate US intervention to spare Oromo political prisoners on the 17th day of the strike. They have been denied medical attention. @SecBlinken @MicheleKelemen @KarenAttiah #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtests Click To Tweet "The lives of highly visible & respected individuals are at mortal risk. They must be released immediately & unconditionally to avert the enormous consequences that will inevitably follow" #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtests Click To Tweet “Calls grow for immediate US intervention to spare Jawar Mohammed, Bekele Gerba, and other political prisoners on the 17th day of the strike.” #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtests @hrw @AmnestyEARO @SecBlinken @RepDeanPhillips @RedCross @GCSF24 @AJStream  Click To Tweet Peaceful protests across Oromia today in solidarity w/ political prisoners who are on DAY 17 of hunger strike. Govt's response? More violence from security forces. Intervention is needed NOW! #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtests @FemiOke @GCSF24 @hrw Click To Tweet Protest sign — civilians across Oromia stand in solidarity with political prisoners who are on day 17 of hunger strike. Translation: “Let all political prisoners be free.” #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtests @michelekelemen @KarenAttiah @femioke Click To Tweet “My dad, Jawar Mohammed, is on his 17th day of a hunger strike after being unlawfully detained in Ethiopia for 7 months & counting.” -Oromo Jawar #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtests @SecBlinken @LaetitiaBader @JosepBorrellF @SweinEthiopia @AP_Africa Click To Tweet Medical team of Oromo political prisoners on hunger strike quit over inability to transfer Bekele Gerba to private hospital. Report from @addisstandard in pics below below. #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtests @michelekelemen @KarenAttiah @femioke Click To Tweet “Jawar Mohammed’s mother went to visit him in prison, only to find out that he does not recognize her anymore." Jawar & others are on DAY 17 of a hunger strike. HELP. #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtests @michelekelemen @KarenAttiah @femioke Click To Tweet Political prisoners starving behind bars, hunger strike day 17. Civilians peacefully protest in solidarity & regime treats them as enemies of the state. Int'l comm must pressure Abiy! #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtests @karenattiah @femioke @hrw Click To Tweet Oromo political prisoners including Jawar Mohammed, Bekele Gerba & others are on DAY 17 of a hunger strike to demand justice. They're in critical condition. Intervention is needed before too late. #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtests @hrw Click To Tweet For 17 DAYS Oromo prisoners of conscience have been on hunger strike. They're in critical condition & @PMEthiopia remains silent. Int'l comm must intervene posthaste. @SecBlinken @ParlDiplomacy @SweinEthiopia  #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtests Click To Tweet After 17 DAYS of hunger strike, Oromo prisoners of conscience are in critical condition. Int'l comm must push authoritarian @AbiyAhmedAli to release them NOW. #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtests @KarenAttiah @femioke @michelekelemen @michelawrong @hrw Click To Tweet "Jawar Mohammed & other Oromo political prisoners are on their 17th day of hunger strike. They're very weak & can barely talk. Their health is in critical condition." -Kedir Bullo of @OromoLegalTeam #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtests @michelekelemen @KarenAttiah @femioke Click To Tweet End violence on peaceful protestors. #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtests #OromoYellowMovement @hrw @AmnestyEARO @LaetitiaBader @michelawrong @michelekelemen @KarenAttiah @femioke @GCSF24 @UNHumanRights @SweinEthiopia Click To Tweet Prisoner of conscience Bekele Gerba in critical condition on hunger strike DAY 17. Prison admin refuse his court-ordered right to medical care despite his deteriorating health. #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtests @michelekelemen @femioke @LaetitiaBader Click To Tweet Jawar Mohammed, Bekele Gerba & others on their 17th day of #StarvingForJustice. @PMEthiopia remains SILENT. Int’l comm must push for their release. #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtests @SecBlinken @SweinEthiopia @ParlDiplomacy @hrw @reuters @ajstream Click To Tweet Int’l comm must pressure @PMEthiopia to end harassment, intimidation, & arbitrary arrests of civilians & leaders for exercising their right to freedom of expression. #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtests @SecBlinken @SweinEthiopia @ParlDiplomacy Click To Tweet Their health conditions are very concerning. It is time for the international community to intervene! #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtests @SecBlinken @RepKarenBass @LaurenBinDC @AAkwei @michelawrong @amyklobuchar @RepDeanPhillips @Ilhan @tomozeus Click To Tweet Peaceful protestors in #Ethiopia are in grave danger. They came out today to stand in solidarity with Oromo political prisoners who are on hunger strike. They were met with yet more state violence. #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtests @hrw @AmnestyEARO Click To Tweet On Day 17 of #StarvingForJustice, Bekele Gerba is too weak to walk to greet his family when they came to the prison. "Dear dad, I'm powerless because I can't help you," says his son Samuel Bekele. #OromoProtests @michelekelemen @hrw @AmnestyEARO Click To Tweet Free and fair elections can not take place while all opposition members are unjustly imprisoned. We urge the int’l community to pressure the @PMEthiopia to release them all. #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtests @hrw @AmnestyEARO @LaetitiaBader Click To Tweet We urge all international organizations & actors to pressure the Abiy Ahmed administration into meeting the demands of the hunger strikers and ending all state sanctioned violence in Ethiopia. #StarvingForJustice #Oromoprotests @SecBlinken @SweinEthiopia @ParlDiplomacy @hrw Click To Tweet The health status of Oromo political prisoners is dire today, on hunger strike day 17. #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtests #OromoYellowMovement @michelekelemen @KarenAttiah @femioke @[email protected] @SweinEthiopia @ParlDiplomacy @DominicRaab @hrw Click To Tweet Political prisoners are on DAY 17 of hunger strike, fighting to break the cycle of authoritarianism in 🇪🇹, meanwhile int'l comm pretends it's not happening & supports a murderous regime. #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtests @JosepBorrellF @DominicRaab @SecBlinken @AJEnglish Click To Tweet OSG reports the harrowing reality of political imprisonment & human rights violations in Ethiopia. Jailed political leaders are on DAY 17 of hunger strike against this abuse! #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtests @AJEnglish @FemiOke @KarenAttiah @hrw Click To Tweet Bekele Gerba is one of the political prisoners in #Ethiopia that's critically ill after 17 days of hunger strike. Here's a quote from him. Oromo political prisoners need our help NOW @SecBlinken @LindaT_G @NickKristof #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtests Click To Tweet Bekele Gerba, prisoner of conscience, is imprisoned again. He’s currently critically ill, on Day 17 of a hunger strike. He needs help NOW–his life depends on it. #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtests @michelekelemen @npratc Click To Tweet Jawar Mohammed is a father, son, husband, brother, activist, leader. He is on day 17 of hunger strike & he's critically ill. HE NEEDS HELP NOW, before it's too late! #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtests @LindaT_G @ABlinken @nickkristof @femioke Click To Tweet

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