The Truth About Daniel Bekele #PoliceBrutality #AbiyMustGo #HumanRights #OromoProtests #FreePoliticalPrisoners @HRW @Amnesty

A government apologist cannot authentically defend human rights. Join us in condemning Daniel Bekele statements defaming unarmed protesters that are demanding: PM Abiy Ahmed step down, release of all political prisoners, and for the government to provide free and fair elections, as mandated by the constitution to happen before PM Abiy’s government’s term ends, Oct. 10, 2011, for all Ethiopians. If you are a spokesperson of PM Abiy’s unelected government, whom are working night and day to push Ethiopia’s communities apart by continuing a dangerous political project that aims to defend all the crimes against humanity committed over successive Ethiopian governments, then it shows where you left your moral compass and it is not with the democratic progress of Ethiopia. We demand Daniel Bekele not tarnish the names of human rights activist and advocates by calling himself one.


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