Twitter Campaign: #AbiyExpires on October 5th, 2020

Join us in applying pressure on Abiy Ahmed & his government, as well as putting pressure on the international community to hold Abiy accountable. All you have to do is click the image & tweets below and the link will tweet it for you– just click “Tweet”! Thank you for participating in this campaign. Share this page with others so we can further amplify our voices.



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  1. Do you know what’s happening on Oct 5, 2020 at 12:00AM? @AbiyAhmedAli’s government becomes constitutionally illegitimate! #AbiyExpires #AbiyMustGo #OromoProtests
  2. Abiy Ahmed was appointed to lead a caretaker government. He has abused this opportunity and resumed brutal dictatorship in Ethiopia. On October 5th, his mandate expires. HE MUST GO. #OromoProtests #AbiyMustGo
  3. On October 5th, 2020, unelected @AbiyAhmedAli & his despotic regime will be expired and completely unconstitutional. #AbiyMustGo #AbiyExpires #OromoProtests
  4. PSA: Just a reminder that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed was appointed, NOT elected. #AbiyMustGo #AbiyExpires #OromoProtests
  5. Time is ticking, @AbiyAhmedAli! After October 5th you will officially be a dictator. #AbiyMustGo #AbiyExpires #OromoProtests
  6. You have had your time, and you weren’t even elected! @AbiyAhmedAli, it is time for you to go. #AbiyMustGo #AbiyExpires #OromoProtests
  7. After October 5th, the “transitional” government’s term ends and so does Abiy Ahmed’s makeshift administration. #AbiyExpires #AbiyMustGo #OromoProtests
  8. Free and fair elections can never happen when major political opponents are all in prison because they are a threat to Abiy’s power. #AbiyExpires #AbiyMustGo #OromoProtests
  9. Abiy illegally postponed scheduled elections without lawful rationale, the real reason being that PP assessed the likelihood of winning 2020 elections and found that their opposition had a huge chance of a BIG win. #AbiyExpires #AbiyMustGo #OromoProtests
  10. Abiy has shown many characteristics of a dictator. He is destroying national safety, stability and peace. #AbiyExpires #AbiyMustGo #OromoProtests
  11. Abiy must be held accountable for the significant human and economic cost while those deemed to be the credible opposition are in jail on bogus charges. This will lead to a catastrophe! #AbiyMustGo #AbiyExpires #OromoProtests
  12. Abiy, the truth is OUT! You took over 2 months to create bogus charges against your biggest opposition so you could schedule elections without a risk of losing. You are anti-democratic. #AbiyMustGo #OromoProtests
  13. The 2020 national elections in Ethiopia were not postponed due to COVID-19. The prisoners are not in prison because they are terrorists. This is a silencing mechanism; a purely political scheme. #AbiyMustGo
  14. Lives are being lost every day across Ethiopia because we have incompetent, narcissistic @AbiyAhmedAli as a PM. The country is plunging into a deeper political crisis as a result. It’s time for you to go, Abiy. #AbiyMustGo #OromoProtests
  15. The Ethiopian government is trying to silence the Oromo voice. They have arrested all of our prominent leaders who have spoken out against them. Now they have charged them with terrorism. #AbiyMustGo #OromoProtests
  16. To be deserving of a Nobel Peace prize, one must be a consistent proponent of peace. Instead, @AbiyAhmedAli has turned around and begun the ethnic cleansing of the people who supported him and thought of him as a symbol of hope and change. #OromoProtests #AbiyMustGo
  17. We will NOT be silenced, despite the malicious attempts to silence us while also spreading false information. We will continue to speak out against the inhumane way @AbiyAhmedAli is treating the Oromo people in Ethiopia. #OromoProtests #AbiyMustGo
  18. The corrupt and divisive Ethiopian government needs to be dismantled and restructured to meet its people’s needs adequately. All ethnic groups, including the Oromo people, deserve equality and equity. #OromoProtests #AbiyMustGo
  19. Under Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, the Ethiopian military has raped and tortured Oromo women and children. We need to protect them. We demand that @AbiyAhmedAli resign immediately; his time is officially up. #SaveOurChildren #AbiyMustGo #OromoProtests
  20. It is time for real change. It is time for an ethical and fair government in Ethiopia. A government that cares for each and every one of its citizens, including those who peacefully dissent. #AbiyMustGo #OromoProtests
  21. It is 2020, and we are still allowing the existence of authoritarian governments? It is time for people to rise up and demand a government that is for the people, as governments should be. We will no longer tolerate governments who abuse their power and violate human rights. #AbiyMustGo #OromoProtests
  22. It’s shocking that the US & other world powers support Ethiopia’s government when it’s led by a despot (@AbiyAhmedAli) who, by the way, is allowing his regime to expire on October 5th. #AbiyExpires #AbiyMustGo
  23. Ethiopian Prime Minister @AbiyAhmedAli must be held accountable for the human rights violations that have occurred and are still occurring on his watch–on his orders! #AbiyMustGo #OromoProtests
  24. In Ethiopia, the rich, the military, and the government are armed with weapons. The young Oromo generation–qeerroo–are unarmed & demanding justice, including freedom from state-sanctioned violence! We will not allow this government to turn people against each other. #AbiyMustGo
  25. Every day @AbiyAhmedAli has betrayed the constitution by inflicting human rights abuses on the people. Now, on October 5th, his government itself becomes unconstitutional. #AbiyMustGo #AbiyExpires #OromoProtests
  26. The foundation of democracy is fair & free elections. @AbiyAhmedAli came to power & denied people the right to choose their leader. He is holding onto power against the people’s will, & we won’t stand for it! On October 5th, his time is officially up! #AbiyExpires #OromoProtests
  27. In @AbiyAhmedAli’s #Ethiopia, the court makes a decision, then police refuse to obey the court order. That’s called lawlessness, dictatorship–just the way you planned to stay in power for years to come. Right? It’s not going to happen. #AbiyMustGo #OromoProtests
  28. Time is up!!! On October 5th, 2020, @AbiyAhmedAli’s oppressive and undemocratic regime expires! #AbiyExpires #AbiyMustGo #OromoProtests 
  29. Abiy’s regime is planting trees and cutting down dissenters & opponents. The severe brutality must stop. #AbiyMustGo #OromoProtests 
  30. After days of peaceful anti-gov #OromoProtests, protesters being gunned down, and civil unrest, @PMEthiopia states: “One thing I can tell you for sure, no matter who dies, what we started will not stop.” Is this what a Nobel Peace prize winner would say? #AbiyMustGo
  31. While @AbiyAhmedAli continues to unconstitutionally hold onto power, there will be no possibility of peace, democracy, or justice in Ethiopia. #AbiyMustGo #OromoProtests
  32. Extrajudicial executions, rape of women and children, arbitrary arrests and detentions (sometimes of entire families!), homes burnt down, forcible evictions… Does not sound like a Nobel Peace prize winner to me. #AbiyMustGo #OromoProtests
  33. While using the COVID pandemic as a pretext for repeatedly canceling elections, @AbiyAhmedAli’s regime simultaneously endangered thousands of Oromo lives by packing masses of political prisoners in small spaces. These are gross violations of human rights. #AbiyMustGo #OromoProtests


  1. Twitter Campaign: #AbiyExpires on October 5th, 2020,
    PRESS RELEASE Re: Concerns Surrounding Irreecha 2020 in Oromia
    Action: Write to CARE Leadership
    Charges against Jawar Mohammed, Bekele Gerba, Hamza Borana and the 21 others
    #OromoProtests : Succeeding in Bringing PM Abiy Government Under Scrutiny For Human Rights Abuses @HRW @AMNESTY,because he is more autocratic, monarchy,a killer one and dictator government

  2. Abiy is a dictator and killer that holds on power unconstitutionally and all free societies and world leader must put maximum pressure on him to save the Ethiopian people and Ethiopia


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