Twitter Campaign: #NationalDialogueNow #CrisisInEthiopia

Join us on Friday 20th November for in a 24-hour global Twitter campaign demanding #NationalDialogueNow to address the #CrisisInEthiopia! The campaign starts at Friday 2:00 ETH local time (8pm), which is 12pm EST, 5pm GMT, 4am (Sunday) AEDT. Please share & participate! Pre-written tweets are available below.

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#OromoProtests demands a #NationalDialogueNow to address the #CrisisInEthiopia. @giuliaparavicin @arynebaker @eyderp @AP_Africa @eoin9411 @ptr_yeung @amnesty @hrw @EU_Commission @StateDept

There are fallacies b/n the statements given by d/f gov’t officials when incidents happen in Oromia. Why is the gov’t avoiding an independent investigation? #OromoProtests #NationalDialogueNow @giuliaparavicin @arynebaker @eyderp @AP_Africa @eoin9411 @ptr_yeung

It is the government that is exploring interstellar boundaries and probing space with missiles and guns, freezing bank accounts, denying medical treatment, killing and kidnapping advocates for peace and stability. We demand an inclusive #NationalDialogueNow #OromoProtests

Time and time again, this regime has tried hard to dismiss and delegitimize #OromoProtests. The government is deliberately turning a blind eye to a NATIONAL ISSUE. We demand #NationalDialogueNow @giuliaparavicin @AP_Africa @Eoin16 @eyderp @hrw @amnesty #CrisisInEthiopia

Let’s keep reminding the world that @Jawar_Mohammed et al have not committed a crime. These charges are bogus. Tell the tyrant @AbiyAhmedAli to #FreeAllOromoPoliticalPrisoners. #NationalDialogueNow #OromoProtests @AP_Africa @giuliaparavicin @Eoin16 @eyderp @arynebaker

The Ethiopian government continues to suppress and oppress the Oromo people by shutting down internet/telecom services and shooting live bullets at citizens who wish to exercise their rights. The people demand a #NationalDialogueNow. #OromoProtests @AP_Africa @Reuters

Oromo civilians are unarmed & peaceful, but the govt still is killing them. We’ve lost 500+ people w/n 5 months including pregnant women & young children. @AsstSecStateAF do you see what is happening? The people demand a #NationalDialogueNow. #OromoProtests @AP_Africa @Reuters

A generation of strong-willed citizens are ready to give up their lives for a better country for the generations to come. Oromos refuse to have our children inherit the intergenerational trauma. It stops here. We demand a #NationalDialogueNow. #OromoProtests @AP_Africa @Reuters

As #OromoProtests continues, we demand the removal of the illegal restrictions unconditionally on Oromo activists and citizens bank accounts. We demand a #NationalDialogueNow. @AP_Africa @Reuters

Abiy started his war on the #Oromo people by attempting to “eliminate” nonviolent, unarmed Oromo opposition leaders, activists, journalists, artists, & civilians. @AbiyAhmedAli & co have now continued that war in Tigray. We demand a #NationalDialogueNow! #OromoProtests

Security forces kill instead of protecting. The government hasn’t held anyone accountable for killing Oromos. Who should citizens depend on for protection? #CrisisInEthiopia #NationalDialogueNow #OromoProtests @giuliaparavicin @arynebaker @eyderp @LaetitiaBader @JoeBiden

Declaring war on civilians is unacceptable, #OromoLivesMatter @PMEthiopia @The_Advocates @UNHumanRights @hrw @amnesty @EUCouncilPress @EU_Commission #CrisisInEthiopia #NationalDialogueNow #OromoProtests @giuliaparavicin @arynebaker @eyderp @LaetitiaBader @JoeBiden

Abiy is waging war on multiple fronts. Communication services are shutdown in Wallaga & across Oromia. Can’t imagine what is happening on the ground. @amnesty @EU_Commission #CrisisInEthiopia #NationalDialogueNow #OromoProtests @giuliaparavicin @arynebaker @eyderp @LaetitiaBader

Innocent Oromos & others have lost their lives in Ethiopia. The gov’t isn’t holding anyone accountable. We demand an independent investigation for every life lost. @EU_Commission #CrisisInEthiopia #NationalDialogueNow #OromoProtests @giuliaparavicin @eyderp @LaetitiaBader

Abiy has repeatedly failed to ensure an independent investigation of the violence against Oromos that led to the loss of innocent lives. #CrisisInEthiopia #OromoProtests #NationalDialogueNow @giuliaparavicin @arynebaker @eyderp @LaetitiaBader @EU_Commission @amnesty @hrw

We call on @UNHCR to conduct an independent investigation into the non-stop killings of Oromos in Ethiopia. #CrisisInEthiopia #OromoProtests #NationalDialogueNow @giuliaparavicin @arynebaker @eyderp @LaetitiaBader @hrw @EU_Commission @amnesty @StateDept

When the Mayor of Shashemene asked the head of Oromia regional state how to protect civilians, he was told to “go home and sleep.” #CrisisInEthiopia #OromoProtests #NationalDialogueNow @giuliaparavicin @arynebaker @eyderp @LaetitiaBader @EU_Commission @amnesty @hrw @StateDept

It’s been over a yr since high-profile Oromo individuals including the army chief of staff were assassinated. No one has been held accountable. #OromoProtests #NationalDialogueNow @giuliaparavicin @arynebaker @eyderp @AP_Africa @eoin9411 @declanwalsh @ptr_yeung

Who killed Haacaaluu Hundeessaa? Who coordinated the subsequent attacks on Oromo civilians? We need answers! #OromoProtests #NationalDialogueNow @giuliaparavicin @arynebaker @eyderp @AP_Africa @eoin9411 @declanwalsh @ptr_yeung @hrw @JosepBorrellF

In the last few months, hundreds of innocent Oromo civilians were massacred in cold blood. The reality on the ground is horrifying. #OromoProtests #NationalDialogueNow @giuliaparavicin @arynebaker @eyderp @AP_Africa @eoin9411 @declanwalsh @ptr_yeung @JosepBorrellF

The Ethiopian gov. is unlawfully detaining prominent Oromo opposition leaders; Jawar Mohammed, Bekele Gerba, Michael Borana, and many others. #OromoProtests #NationalDialogueNow @giuliaparavicin @arynebaker @eyderp @AP_Africa @eoin9411 @declanwalsh @ptr_yeung @JosepBorrellF

Over a month ago an official of the ruling party admitted to an AP journalist that a young Oromo kid was killed by security forces by mistake. No one has been arrested. #OromoProtests #NationalDialogueNow @giuliaparavicin @arynebaker @eyderp @AP_Africa @eoin9411 @ptr_yeung

More than #300Lives3Months were lost in Oromia due to excessive use of force by security forces. #CrisisinEthiopia #OromoProtests #NationalDialogueNow @giuliaparavicin @arynebaker @eyderp @AP_Africa @eoin9411 @ptr_yeung @hrw @amnesty @EU_Commission

Abiy has blamed his crimes on rebel groups. It is time for him to be held accountable for killing innocent Oromos. #OromoProtests #NationalDialogueNow @giuliaparavicin @arynebaker @eyderp @AP_Africa @eoin9411 @ptr_yeung @amnesty @EU_Commission @hrw

The Ethiopian government has refused the @UN’s demand for an independent investigation on the killing of Oromos since June! #OromoProtests #NationalDialogueNow @giuliaparavicin @arynebaker @eyderp @AP_Africa @eoin9411 @ptr_yeung @amnesty @EU_Commission @hrw

The government refuses to investigate gruesome attacks committed by “unknown” assailants, but blames the attacks on Oromo groups. #OromoProtests #NationalDialogueNow @giuliaparavicin @arynebaker @eyderp @AP_Africa @eoin9411 @ptr_yeung @amnesty @hrw

Security forces should protect the people from abuse. But the Ethiopian security forces have been doing the opposite and raping Oromo women. #OromoProtests #NationalDialogueNow @giuliaparavicin @arynebaker @eyderp @AP_Africa @eoin9411 @ptr_yeung @amnesty @hrw @EU_Commission

The people demand an independent investigation for all the violence in Oromia & different parts of the country. #OromoProtests #NationalDialogueNow @giuliaparavicin @arynebaker @eyderp @AP_Africa @eoin9411 @ptr_yeung @amnesty @hrw @EU_Commission @StateDept

The government hasn’t released a comprehensive report on ANY of the violence that’s occurred. They’ve totally abandoned the people. #OromoProtests #NationalDialogueNow @giuliaparavicin @arynebaker @eyderp @AP_Africa @eoin9411 @ptr_yeung @amnesty @hrw @EU_Commission @StateDept

Pregnant woman shot dead by law enforcers in Awaday Oromia region following a peaceful protest on 08/18/20 #OromoProtests #NationalDialogueNow @giuliaparavicin @arynebaker @eyderp @AP_Africa @eoin9411 @ptr_yeung @amnesty @hrw @EU_Commission @StateDept

Unarmed Oromo peaceful protestor. Shot and handcuffed to the hospital bed. 08/18/20 protest #OromoProtests #NationalDialogueNow @giuliaparavicin @arynebaker @eyderp @AP_Africa @eoin9411 @ptr_yeung @amnesty @hrw @EU_Commission @StateDept

One of the many Oromo youth injured by Ethiopian security forces on 08/17/20 in Shashamane, Oromia region. #OromoProtests #NationalDialogueNow @giuliaparavicin @arynebaker @eyderp @AP_Africa @eoin9411 @ptr_yeung @amnesty @hrw @EU_Commission @StateDept

Kids, teens and women are sadly made victims of daily extrajudicial killings in Oromia by Ethiopian security forces. #OromoProtests #NationalDialogueNow @giuliaparavicin @arynebaker @eyderp @AP_Africa @eoin9411 @ptr_yeung @amnesty @hrw @EU_Commission

Arrested without warrant for 2 months. The court ordered his release on bail, but instead of releasnig him, the police killed him! #OromoProtests #NationalDialogueNow @giuliaparavicin @arynebaker @eyderp @AP_Africa @eoin9411 @ptr_yeung @amnesty

This teen was shot by security forces during the 08/18/20 protest in Kombolcha, Oromia Region. #OromoProtests #NationalDialogueNow @giuliaparavicin @arynebaker @eyderp @AP_Africa @eoin9411 @ptr_yeung @amnesty @hrw @EU_Commission

The government hasn’t revealed the sources of the violence or conducted an investigation. The Oromo people demand an INDEPENDENT investigation! #OromoProtests #NationalDialogueNow @giuliaparavicin @arynebaker @eyderp @AP_Africa @eoin9411 @ptr_yeung @amnesty @hrw @EU_Commission

If the attacks were not state-sponsored, the Ethiopian government would allow the UN to independently investigate the extra-judicial killings in Oromia. #OromoProtests #NationalDialogueNow @giuliaparavicin @arynebaker @eyderp @AP_Africa @eoin9411 @ptr_yeung @amnesty @hrw

#OromoProtests demands an immediate de-escalation of war and an all-inclusive #NationalDialogueNow to end #CrisisInEthiopia! @giuliaparavicin @arynebaker @eyderp @AP_Africa @eoin9411 @ptr_yeung @amnesty @hrw @EU_Commission @StateDept

Declaring war on civilians is unacceptable. #OromoProtests urges for an all-inclusive #NationalDialogueNow to end the #CrisisInEthiopia @UNHumanRights @hrw @amnesty @EUCouncilPress @EU_Commission @giuliaparavicin @arynebaker @eyderp @LaetitiaBader @JoeBiden

Abiy is waging war on multiple fronts. Communication services are shutdown in Tigray, Wallaga & across Oromia. Can’t imagine what is happening on the ground. #CrisisInEthiopia #NationalDialogueNow #OromoProtests @giuliaparavicin @arynebaker @eyderp @LaetitiaBader

Abiy has repeatedly failed to ensure an independent investigation of the violence against Oromos that led to the loss of innocent lives and #CrisisInEthiopia. #OromoProtests calls for a #NationalDialogueNow to stabilize the country. @giuliaparavicin @arynebaker @eyderp

De-escalate the war. Discharge political prisoners. Dialogue with all stakeholders. #OromoProtests sees #NationalDialogueNow as the only way out from #CrisisInEthiopia

The root cause of Ethiopia’s current crisis lies in the PM’s refusal to resolve problems through #NationalDialogueNow. #OromoProtests @giuliaparavicin @arynebaker @eyderp @AP_Africa @eoin9411 @ptr_yeung @amnesty @hrw @EU_Commission @StateDept

Ethiopia’s transition to a war zone poses a serious security threat to the Horn of Africa and the world. #NationalDialogueNow. @giuliaparavicin @arynebaker @eyderp @AP_Africa @eoin9411 @ptr_yeung @amnesty @hrw @EU_Commission @StateDept

Ethiopia’s current crisis didn’t start w/ the “Tigray vs federal govt” war. Thus it won’t end by negotiation just between the two. There’s a nationwide #CrisisInEthiopia which requires a #NationalDialogueNow with all stakeholders including the imprisoned opposition!

I wonder why the ruling party, which is not afraid to wage a devastating war, is afraid of peaceful negotiations. #NationalDialogueNow is a must! @giuliaparavicin @arynebaker @eyderp @AP_Africa @eoin9411 @ptr_yeung @amnesty @hrw @EU_Commission @StateDept

Rejecting #NationalDialogue is to reject and hinder the transition to democracy. #NationalDialogueNow. #OromoProtests. @giuliaparavicin @arynebaker @eyderp @AP_Africa @eoin9411 @ptr_yeung @amnesty @hrw @EU_Commission @StateDept

All-inclusive national dialogue is the best way to get out from #CrisisInEthiopia. #OromoProtests #NationalDialogueNow

Trying to get peace through war is a futile effort. #OromoProtests #CrisisInEthiopia #NationalDialogueNow

Putting political leaders behind a bar didn’t solve #CrisisInEthiopia. So, release them & conduct #NationalDialogueNow #OromoProtests

The 🇪🇹 gov’t should cease fire, release political prisoners & held #NationalDialogueNow to bring sustainable peace for the country. #OromoProtests #CrisisInEthiopia

Negotiation is the best way for conflict resolution & peaceful political transformation. #OromoProtests #CrisisInEthiopia #NationalDialogueNow

National dialogue helps to explore the root causes of #CrisisInEthiopia & to find the right solution. #OromoProtests #NationalDialogueNow

Trying to bring peace through war & by imprisoning politicians is a travesty of justice. #OromoProtests #CrisisInEthiopia #NationalDialogueNow

The #CrisisInEthiopia was started when the 🇪🇹 gov’t declared war in Oromia & put politicians behind bar. To end the crisis, we need all-inclusive #NationalDialogueNow. #OromoProtests

The war in Tigrai is an extension on the war in Oromia. #OromoProtests #CrisisInEthiopia #NationalDialogueNow

If the #CrisisInEthiopia doesn’t halt immediately, it will bring irreversible damage to the country. #NationalDialogueNow #OromoProtests

Before 🇪🇹 becomes a failed state owing to the current #CrisisInEthiopia, release political prisoners & carry out #NationalDialogueNow! #OromoProtests

Oromia, Tigrai, Metekl, Konso & other parts of 🇪🇹 are bleeding as we speak. #OromoProtests #CrisisInEthiopia #NationalDialogueNow

Keeping Oromo political leaders in jail & continuing the war in Tigrai will only exacerbate the #CrisisInEthiopia. #OromoProtests #NationalDialogueNow

#OromoProtests denounces the war on Tigrai & believes all-inclusive #NationalDialogueNow is a way out from #CrisisInEthiopia

The collateral damage of #CrisisInEthiopia has already become unbearable. #OromoProtests #NationalDialogueNow

Sen. @BobMenendezNJ calls for an immediate ceasefire to begin a sustained dialogue that settles political differences. #OromoProtests demands an all inclusive #NationalDialogueNow to end the #CrisisInEthiopia @arynebaker @eyderp @eoin9411 @ptr_yeung @amnesty @hrw  @StateDept

Now with airstrikes increasing and missiles being fired in response more people are in serious danger. #OromoProtests demands an all inclusive #NationalDialogueNow to end the #CrisisInEthiopia @giuliaparavicin @arynebaker @eyderp @AP_Africa @eoin9411 @ptr_yeung @hrw  @StateDept

Refugees exodus in thousands everyday from Tigray region into Sudan. Protests all over Oromia continued. Complete economic blockade. #OromoProtests demands an all inclusive #NationalDialogueNow to end the #CrisisInEthiopia @eyderp @AP_Africa @eoin9411 @ptr_yeung @ABlinken

Refugees are facing nightmare conditions. Many have no food or running water. They are hungry, exhausted, & scared of more violence. #OromoProtests demands an all inclusive #NationalDialogueNow to end the #CrisisInEthiopia @giuliaparavicin @eyderp @eoin9411 @ptr_yeung

When Simon Ateba from Today News Africa asks @AsstSecStateAF and @USEmbassyAddis about Oromo political prisoners, they skip the question & leave it unanswered. Oromos are taking notes. #OromoProtests @Reuters @AFP @FRANCE24 @AJEnglish

By sidelining the question from Simon Ateba of Today News Africa, @AsstSecStateAF and @USEmbassyAddis have made it clear they have no concern for Oromo political prisoners. #OromoProtests is taking notes.

It’s a shameful gesture by @AsstSecStateAF and @USEmbassyAddis to fantasize Ethiopian nationalism which outright excludes Oromos. From here on out, #OromoProtests will choose its allies carefully.

#OromoProtests cares for the stabilization of the region. And that’s why it’s calling for #NationalDialogueNow. Oromos won’t beg for the help of @AsstSecStateAF and @USEmbassyAddis to liberate their leaders from Ethiopian prison cells. @Reuters @AFP @FRANCE24 @AJEnglish

As @AsstSecStateAF and @USEmbassyAddis are downplaying Oromos issues, #OromoProtests is warming up to take care of matters by itself to end #CrisisInEthiopia in the coming few days. We will all witness soon enough.

We remained silent about all the sabotage to restrain the democratization process by @AsstSecStateAF and @USEmbassyAddis in the past year. #OromoProtests has had it enough. Oromos will end the #CrisisInEthiopia by themselves. @Reuters @AFP @FRANCE24 @AJEnglish

@AsstSecStateAF and @USEmbassyAddis have chosen to tangle with the dictatorial regime of Abiy Ahmed, just as @StateDept used to do with #TPLF for the prior 27 years. #OromoProtests is ready to end the #CrisisInEthiopia by itself. @Reuters @AFP @AJEnglish @FRANCE24

Surely #OromoProtests will become the determinant factor in Ethiopia in the coming years. The Oromo nation is now choosing its allies carefully. Those who downplay the imprisonment of Oromo leaders as @AsstSecStateAF and @USEmbassyAddis will be left out.

While @JosepBorrellF of the EU states concern about Oromo political prisoners, @AsstSecStateAF and @USEmbassyAddis choose to downplay the issue. #OromoProtests will choose its friends carefully and we are taking notes. #CrisisInEthiopia @Reuters @AFP @AJEnglish @FRANCE24

#OromoProtests would like to pass its gratitude to @JosepBorrellF of the EU and the UK for trying their best for calling a #NationalDialogueNow to end #CrisisInEthiopia while @AsstSecStateAF is fanning the crisis by downplaying Oromo issues. We are taking notes. @Reuters @AFP

It is shameful for @AsstSecStateAF and @USEmbassyAddis to accept the ultra pan-Ethiopian nationalists’ rhetoric and to downplay Oromo issues, fueling the #CrisisInEthiopia. #OromoProtests is taking notes. @Reuters @AFP @FRANCE24 @AJEnglish

In Ethiopia, problems have repeatedly been addressed with war. What hasn’t been attempted is negotiating, and it deserves a chance. #OromoProtests calls for all-inclusive #NationalDialogueNow to end #CrisisInEthiopia

The international community should not be mistaken and think that Ethiopia’s crisis is just in the Northern part. Ethiopia has been in crisis from every front for more than 18 months. The only way to end #CrisisInEthiopia is a #NationalDialogueNow with all stakeholders.

In Oromia war has been waged against unarmed peaceful protesters since July. Yet #OromoProtests is still calling for #NationalDialogueNow with all stakeholders–including the imprisoned opposition–to end the #CrisisInEthiopia.

A comprehensive national dialogue would be the only way out of this simmering political mess in Ethiopia. #OromoProtests calls for all-inclusive #NationalDialogueNow to end #CrisisInEthiopia

It’s unlikely that @AsstSecStateAF is so gravely misinformed abt the situation in 🇪🇹. The only explanation is that he has taken a side in this crises (& it’s not the side of civilians). #OromoProtests condemns this irresponsibility! #NationalDialogueNow #CrisisInEthiopia

It is impossible to end #CrisisInEthiopia without involving the Oromo people, and this can’t be done while the people’s leaders are imprisoned. #FreeAllPoliticalPrisoners #OromoProtests #NationalDialogueNow #CrisisInEthiopia

The world needs to take a minute and realize that Abiy has waged war on his people in every part of the country, whether armed or not. #OromoProtests calls for #NationalDialogueNow to end #CrisisInEthiopia

Abiy’s wars on multiple fronts are costing us an entire generation. This is heartbreaking and must be put to an end. #OromoProtests urges the international community to call for all-inclusive #NationalDialogueNow to end #CrisisInEthiopia.

In this century of ideas and intellect fighting to settle dispute is a mockery to democracy. What is happening now is nothing but eliminating any armed or unarmed opposition so as to inflict only the ideology of the ruling party and its supporters. #NationalDialogueNow

Bombing for peace is screaming for silence. The root cause is differing ideologies. These diffrences should be settled around a table, not on a battlefield or by silencing behind bars. #OromoProtests calls for #NationalDialogueNow to end #CrisisInEthiopia

Violently imposing a certain ideology to supposedly solve Ethiopia’s problems is nothing short of tyranny. All ideas should be considered and valued as a proxy to moving forward! #OromoProtests calls for all-inclusive #NationalDialogueNow to end #CrisisInEthiopia

The world needs to pay attention to the many silent wars in Oromia as well. Prisons are also battle grounds & some of our best & brightest are fighting for their lives there! #OromoProtests #NationalDialogueNow #CrisisInEthiopia

Abiy first bombed Oromos in Wallagga 2 years ago. The violence and political crisis has continued and escalated, eventually leading to him bombing the people of Tigray. #OromoProtests #NationalDialogueNow #CrisisInEthiopia

The world needs to know: People are still dying for #OromoProtests, People are still suffering for #OromoProtests, People are still jailed for #OromoProtests

Abiy waged a war on Oromia first and now on other regions. This ideological and costly war must be stopped! #OromoProtests #NationalDialogueNow #CrisisInEthiopia

This war will speed up the downfall of Ethiopia, destabilize the region, and leave the Horn susceptible to further deterioration of peace & security. #OromoProtests #NationalDialogueNow #CrisisInEthiopia

Ethiopia, Africa’s second most populous country, is in civil war. This could lead to the biggest refugee crisis in recent years. #OromoProtests #NationalDialogueNow #CrisisInEthiopia

Authoritarianism, poverty, corruption, COVID-19, and now a civil war. Ethiopia is going downhill. The #CrisisInEthiopia is severe. #OromoProtests #NationalDialogueNow

The only way out is immediate ceasefire and negotiation with all stakeholders (including political prisoners). #OromoProtests #NationalDialogueNow #CrisisInEthiopia

The coming weeks will either break or make this country. We can’t afford any more of this bloody and painful war. #OromoProtests #NationalDialogueNow #CrisisInEthiopia

This war is already breaking up families and furthering tensions and worsening relations between nations/nationalities. Stop this madness! #OromoProtests #NationalDialogueNow #CrisisInEthiopia

Abiy’s government has been at war against Oromos for almost 2 years. All war in Ethiopia–big or small, loud or silent–needs to be stopped. An all-inclusive #NationalDialogueNow must be started to end the nationwide #CrisisInEthiopia.

We call for immediate ceasefire and release of all political prisoners. The only way to heal our nation is through national dialogue. #OromoProtests #NationalDialogueNow #CrisisInEthiopia

Because of the irresponsible decisions made by leaders, it’s the wider population who suffers the consequences of a war. End the wars on every front and start an all-inclusive #NationalDialogueNow to put an end to the nationwide #CrisisInEthiopia.

More than 25,000 ppl have fled the heavy fighting in northern Ethiopia. All stakeholders need sit and negotiate for the sake of the people. #OromoProtests #NationalDialogueNow #CrisisInEthiopia

What we need to be doing is fixing our countrywide political crisis through national dialogue. #OromoProtests #NationalDialogueNow #CrisisInEthiopia

What is happening to Tigray today has been happening to Oromia for over 2 years. And it may happen to more regions in the near future. This is dangerous both for the country and the Horn, and it must be stopped. #NationalDialogueNow #CrisisInEthiopia

Political problems can’t be solved by waging war on opposition, or by silencing them with imprisonment. The international community should push for #NationalDialogueNow to end #CrisisInEthiopia. @StateDept @EU_Commission

Ethiopia’s transitional government must be pushed to reach a political settlement that can put an end to these years of transitional nightmare and the current civil war. #OromoProtests #NationalDialogueNow #CrisisInEthiopia

If Ethiopia is to exist as a country, only sitting at the round table will make it possible. For the #CrisisInEthiopia to be resolved, #NationalDialogueNow is paramount!

No country has come out of war resolute and strong. The war being waged on innocent civilians is futile and baseless. Come to #NationalDialogueNow. #CrisisInEthiopia #OromoProtests

Tearing a country apart in the name of bringing criminals to justice is disingenuous. Resolving issues through disciplined discussion will bear better fruits. #NationalDialogueNow #CrisisInEthiopia

Abiy was brought to power through the peaceful #OromoProtests movement during which sacrifices were paid by over 5000 civilians. Now Abiy is bombing civilians to eliminate opposition. #NationalDialogueNow to end the #CrisisInEthiopia.

Arrests, silencing of journalists, abduction of intellectuals, mass detention, & bombing of civilians under a @NobelPrize Peace laureate is a disgrace! @AbiyAhmedAli has caused an international humanitarian crisis. #CrisisInEthiopia #NationalDialogueNow @StateDept @EU_Commission

Over the last five months we have counted hundreds killed, many more missing, and thousands detained–all unlawfully! This escalation of war will only worsen the #CrisisInEthiopia! #NationalDialogueNow @StateDept @Reuters @EU_Commission

CrisisInEthiopia is widespread and leaving the country on the brink of violent disintegration. The int’l community should call for #NationalDialogueNow with all stakeholders–including the ones imprisoned–before it’s too late. @StateDept @Reuters @AJEnglish @EU_Commission

War leads to starvation, displacement, cultural deterioration, and economic downturn. This civil war benefits no one — not even the government that is waging it. #OromoProtests #NationalDialogueNow #CrisisInEthiopia

Humanity should come first, before ego and bombs. The safety of civilians should be a priority for leaders–but in Ethiopia, it’s not. @AbiyAhmedAli’s only priority is advancing his ideology, regardless of the human cost. #OromoProtests #NationalDialogueNow #CrisisInEthiopia

Ethiopia belongs to all–those politically imprisoned, those missing, those displaced, and the families of those killed. Stop the war and start #NationalDialogueNow. #OromoProtests #NationalDialogueNow #CrisisInEthiopia

The govt’s violent force against civilians across Ethiopia–from Oromia to Tigray, from Sidama to Wolaitta, & more–comes from the desire to assert a unitarist agenda & strip away the rights of nations/nationalities. #NationalDialogueNow, before it’s too late! #CrisisInEthiopia

The war in Tigray has shown @AbiyAhmedAli’s unwillingness to listen to diverse voices! Ethiopia has tried war for long enough. Let the nations, nationalities and the people have a say. #CrisisInEthiopia #NationalDialogueNow

Only when we sit around the table to address our ideological differences will war end! Tigray has become a battlefield for a long-standing, unreconciled conflict in ideologies! War cannot resolve this, but a genuine #NationalDialogueNow can. #CrisisInEthiopia

Ethiopia’s crisis is deeper than what has been reported. Today’s #CrisisInEthiopia and the war in Tigray was preceded by 2+ years of atrocities in Oromia. #OromoProtests demands immediate, inclusive #NationalDialogueNow! @StateDept @samdubberley @iBabarBaloch @michelawrong

What the world sees and reports on Tigray is the tip of the iceberg. Lots of untold, unreported violence has been and still is occurring silently across Ethiopia at the hands of Abiy’s regime. #NationalDialogueNow #CrisisInEthiopia

This war isn’t FOR Ethiopia. It’s AGAINST the diverse nations/nationalities who have constitutional rights to self-determination! Only when you show respect to all nations AS THEY ARE do you respect 🇪🇹. Anything short of that won’t work. #NationalDialogueNow #CrisisInEthiopia

What’s happening in Ethiopia is a battle of ideology that will define the future of the country, and determine the very existence of the Federation. #CrisisInEthiopia #NationalDialogueNow

The war on Tigray, assassinations, imprisonments, extrajudicial killings and grave human rights violations are all testaments of governance failure! Abiy’s government has failed to protect, respect and remedy the people. #NationalDialogueNow #CrisisInEthiopia



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