Support Wallo Oromo Victims

Wallo Oromos, in Oromia Special Zone in the Amhara region, are currently being ethnically cleansed by Amhara Special Forces, according to reports. Amhara Special Forces have been murdering Oromo civilians on the basis of their identity, burning down their villages and property, and have been going door-to-door brutalizing and targeting Oromos, especially in Kemise. The attacks first started on the evening of March 19, 2021, when according to witnesses, an Amhara Special Police shot and murdered an Oromo Imam, in front of a grand mosque in Ataye after night prayers. 

Witnesses are saying the casualties are high. While the number of victims and displaced peoples is currently unknown, graphic images of victims, burned down villages, and scores of displaced peoples are circling social media. One graphic image shows the massacred bodies of Oromo civilians, who had been travelling in an ambulance after getting injured during the attacks, and who were stopped on their way and murdered by Amhara militias in Northern Shewa.

The terrorism being committed by Amhara militia groups is part of a larger pattern of state-sanctioned atrocities and ethnic cleansing. More recently, the Amhara Regional government dispatched Amhara militias to invade several parts of the Oromia Regional State to commit heinous attacks and massacres against Oromo civilians. Furthermore, as has been widely reported by international media, Amhara militias have been committing unspeakable atrocities, including rape and murder of children, women, young men and the elderly, for many months in Tigray, as well as theft of land and property.

We urge you to amplify the voices of the Oromo people and to support the victims of the massacres in Wallo. Please donate (1) via this GoFundMe page (hosted by Macha Tulama Association-USA), (2) on Paypal, or (3) via Zelle to [email protected]

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